Welcome Yellow Ribbon Photographers!

We would like to welcome all of our member photographers to our new website and blog. Here we will post members’ photos from YRP shoots all over the country. Currently we have 12 members that are active all over New England, and we are starting to recruit member photographers nationwide!

Our current members are:

*Rochanna Buckley of Memories of Your Life Photography in Worcester, MA,

*Damien Gaudet in Worcester, MA,

*Alexandra Roberts in Boston, MA,

*Kevin Cummings in Marlboro, MA,

*Joe Don Richardson of Turning Point Images in Hudson, MA,

*Teralyn Dison in Springfield, MA,

*Andy & Michele of Normand-Ashley Photography in Springfield, MA,

*Candi Wolley of Ericson Photography in Worcester, MA,

*Jessica of Right Shot Photography in Augusta, ME,

*Edward Cabalit in Augusta, ME,

*Leonis Sayfire in Franklin County, VT,

*Sean Smith in Exeter, NH,

*Alison of Fat Kitty Studios in Windham, NH,

A huge THANK YOU to all of our members!

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